Why The Tough Job Of Parenting Is Both Joyful And Lonely : News : Parent Herald

Nothing can compare to the joys and angst of parenting. There is a satisfaction that comes with it, but there is also a loneliness that creeps in everyday.
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Having kids is both a great and exhausting experience. Parenting can make one happy, but it can also make one lonely. This is true for those individuals with parenting partners or single parents and the feeling of loneliness is common even though parents do not openly talk about it. 

Children might be the sweetest creatures on earth but they can also be the crankiest when they want to be. They are loveable but at the same time, they can leave parents dry and bereft of energy, especially when they have their meltdowns.

Thus, the challenges faced by parents in their daily lives vary, according to Babble. They may feel a bond with other parents who face the same struggle every day but in truth, some feel alone.There is a certain sense of isolationism in each parent even when they share parenting with a partner.

There are many reasons why a parent can feel isolated, as per Abundant Mama. A solo parent who is left to handle parenthood single-handedly can be torn apart inside. A parent who lacks money does not have the means to go to places where there is an opportunity to meet other people. Sometimes, a rigid work schedule can also isolate a parent from other people.

It’s mothers who are especially vulnerable to feeling lonely, according to Get The Gloss. There may be a whole community of people who provide support for them but they can still feel alone.

This comes from the knowledge that moms are responsible for their babies first before everything else. Co-parenting can be helpful, but it can also be stressful and can only add to that feeling of loneliness.

Mothers are usually tasked with the primary care of babies and for most moms, this can be incredibly lonely. The boredom of having to watch over a baby sometimes get mixed with the feeling of guilt that one has not lived up to the role of an ideal parent.



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