Good Morning Britain ‘slippers in schools’ debate sees parents backing Piers Morgan as he loses his rag and labels it ‘ridiculous’

PIERS Morgan was backed by parents after he said it was ‘ridiculous’ for a school to think allowing children to wear slippers in class helped their performance.

The debate, which aired on Good Morning Britain on Wednesday, saw Piers challenging headteacher Emma Titchener after she asked children at her school to wear slippers in class.

Piers Morgan lost his rag on Good Morning Britain during a debate about children wearing slippers in school
At one point he even put his head in his hands with sheer disbelief

Emma decided to implement the slippers policy after reading about research from 25 countries that concluded wearing slippers “made a massive impact on pupil performance”.

After trialling it for a day, she noted the behaviour of her pupils improved and, after continuing the study for a week, shed decided to try it out for the rest of the school year.

GMB host Piers couldn’t grasp the concept however and lost his rag at the end of the debate.

He said: “For goodness sake! This is ridiculous, kids should not be mollycoddled!”

Piers Morgan loses his temper during debate over children wearing slippers
Headteacher Emma Titchener believes wearing slippers helps children achieve their full potential

“What happens if I conduct a survey that said if kids came in wearing their pyjamas it might improve their work?”

And then it showed it got even better if they brought in their beds and watched Disney movies?

“You can’t have children at secondary school walking around in penguin slippers?”

Despite putting up a fight, Derbyshire headteacher Emma was silenced by Piers who eventually shouted over her.

He said: “This teacher is an easy touch.

“The next logical extension is that kids will just end up being left at home.”

Although Piers normally annoys viewers with his outspoken opinions on the show, this debate saw Piers championed by parents for shutting down the “silly idea”.

@piersmorgan I’m totally with you Piers. Slippers are for being comfortable at home. LUDICROUS

@piersmorgan ??thank you for saying exactly what we think! I have a 6 year old and he rolled his eyes at me when I told him to wear slippers

@piersmorgan slippers @ school #really have they forgotten how we learned. Think teachers need to be strict and stop pussy footing around ?

I absolutely love @piersmorgan I totally agree with you slippers aren’t for school!!

@piersmorgan morning piers good grief !all the slovenly mothers in pjs can bring the kids to school in their slippers ?

Slippers at school? Utterly, totally nonsense! Time wasting! Please spend your energy/sources to the research for better education! #GMB

Ridiculous idea! Keep slippers for home! #gmb

Children wearing slippers at school improves performance ..
Just foolishness. Go in Piers ? #GMB

At one point during the debate, Piers’ co-host Susanna Reid had to calm him down.

After he continually interrupted Emma, Susanna scolded him and said: “Stop, stop! Let her answer!”

Some parents did defend Emma’s decision however and reminded Piers that many children wear indoor shoes at school.

When I was in primary school we had ‘indoor shoes’ which could be pumps or slippers. Would be great if my daughter’s school done same #GMB

Well I guess they’re not the only school who wears slippers cause many students in Japan wear slippers in their schools #gmb @GMB

oh piers shut up man is kids wearing slippers really a problem #gmb

At the start of the programme, Piers walked off set after two politicians started a shouting match.

During a lively debate about Brexit, former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith and Labour MP Peter Kyle got into a row – with Piers later stomping off in a huff.

GMB presenter leaves studio after IDS gets into Brexit shouting match

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