Parents raise security concerns at Northwest Academy of Law, following fights

ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – St. Louis Metropolitan Police along with juvenile detectives were called to Northwest Academy of Law for two altercations Tuesday, according to the St. Louis Public School District. They assisted school security in trying to restore order.

The district already had its Crisis Intervention Team at the school because one student was shot and killed the night before.

17-year-old Damani Aitch was inside a vehicle with two other teens when he was shot Monday night near Emma Ave. and Riverview Blvd.  One of the teens inside the car was wounded and a third was not injured.

It’s not clear if the fights on Tuesday were related to Aitch’s death.  One parent who asked not to be identified expressed concerns over school safety.  She said she witnessed people being let in a side door of the school.

“That door should be locked and secured,” said the parent.  She asked for anonymity because she did not want any problems for her daughter.

That same parent someone was spotted near the school holding a gun Tuesday.

“A young guy walked up pulled a gun out of his pants.  He seen police cars and put his gun back in and walked off.”

A district spokesman said security measures are in place to prevent side door access.  He said surveillance cameras are monitored by security officials.  He said an investigation into Tuesday’s altercations will be conducted by security and administrators to determine all parties involved.

The district reports 2 short bursts of mace were used during Tuesday’s altercations.  The parent we talked with felt more could be done to prevent incidents from escalating to the point where mace is needed.

A district spokesperson said mace was used because students failed to obey orders to disperse.

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